How it began:

Supercell is a musician, sound engineer and DJ born in Olten, Switzerland. 

His journey into music began more than 20 years ago, starting with his learning the keyboard and experimenting with synthesizer sounds and tape recorders. 

DJ`ing locally and then his discovery of the electronic music scene in the late 90`s, his passion only grew, with his career taking off as he performed as a DJ and live act in the techno and psytrance scene for more than a decade. In 2007, he was signed with the Swiss psytrance label, Fractal Records, resulting in his performing many gigs across Europe, while also releasing his own music. 

Early Career:

Completing his studies of Audio Engineering at SET School in 2009, he went on to build his own recording studio, beginning work as a recording and a live sound engineer. Collaborating in-studio recording sessions with various bands of ranging musical genres, plus a ten-year long tour with a metal/hard rock band, followed by many more freelance jobs as a live sound technician. 

2019 brought the desire to produce his own music once again, so he built another new studio, this time with the sole intent of focusing on the production, mixing, and mastering of electronic music. 

2020 rolled in and all live sound activities fell victim of the coronavirus pandemic, meaning there was plenty of time available to sit in the studio to create and define his own musical styles once again, by utilizing both the latest technology and an ongoing fascination for vintage instrument sounds. 

Todays Projects:

The “Hard Sync” Project is a vintage-style Retro-/Synthwave Project and is composed purely of electronic instruments from the 70`s and 80`s, to transport you back in time, to an era of iconic musical sounds that changed the world! A time of arcade games, cassette players and neon lights! 

The “Supercell” Project is a visionary Psytrance Project, based upon futuristic sound design, always using the latest standards, complex technology and the highest of qualities. By researching new and unheard tones, combining them with pulsating basslines and twisted grooves, “Supercell” results in a totally unique sound and an extraordinary listening and dance experience.