The Studio


We trust overall in gear of long-time prestigious vendors in the audio industry. Beside improved room-acoustics and optimized ergonomics our external signalpath is hi-end-only and running at 96kHz to prevent quality loss and latency.

For Mix and Mastering we use Avid Pro Tools and Wavelab, for Sound-Design and Music-Production we prefer the flexibility of Ableton Live as a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). Both are steered by a "Slate Raven" Multitouch-Controller for a very fast workflow.

We use the best plugins available like:

  • Waves
  • SSL
  • SPL
  • Slate
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Celemony
  • brainworx
  • Antares

and many more...


Sometimes less is more, but some things are important: uncompromised signal-path from the DAW to the Ears and a flexible routing between every input and output in the system. Solidstate and tube-preamps were used for recording, reamping and to add the magic that plugins can't do.


  • PSI A17-M
  • Adam Sub10 MK2
  • Avantone MixCubes
  • Coleman Audio M3PH MKII Monitor Controller


  • SSL - XLogic Alpha-Link MADI AX
  • 32 Inputs/32 Outputs @96KHz
  • RME MADIface
  • MotU 896 MK3
  • Ghielmetti CSF 1x48 Patchbay


  • Audient ASP008
  • Audient ASP800
  • Handcrafted Labs Affinity

Sound Generators

With vintage-analog and digital syntheziers and all possible DAW-Plugins. We can create every sound you can imagine.

Analog Synthesizer:

  • Eurorack Modularsystem
  • Moog Matriarch
  • Roland Juno-106
  • Roland SH-101

Digital Synthesizer:

  • Access Virus TI
  • Roland System-1
  • Roland TR-707
  • Yamaha DX7


  • Arturia Collection
  • Cherry Audio
  • Korg
  • Native Instruments
  • Plugin Alliance
  • Roland Cloud
  • Sonic Academy
  • Toontrack

and many many more...