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    SYNTHWAVE HD Sample-Pack

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    🌟 Elevate Your Synthwave or Retrowave Productions with Pure Sonic Brilliance! 🌟 Introducing our Synthwave Samples and Loops Package, meticulously recorded in stunning 96kHz 24-bit quality and refined with hi-end processing. Immerse yourself in a world of sonic excellence and take your music to the next level with this retro-futuristic collection in high resolution.
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    SYNTHWAVE Vol. 1 by HARD SYNC for Virus TI

    Original price was: € 24.90.Current price is: € 14.90.
    🚀 Unleash the Neon Power of Synthwave with Virus TI! 🚀 Introducing our Synthwave Presets Package for the Virus TI Synthesizer, a collection from the Synth- and Retrowave Producer HARD SYNC. A sonic time machine designed to transport you to the neon-soaked streets of the 1980s. Embrace the future while paying homage to the past with this retro-futuristic collection of sounds.
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    RETRO SYNTHS Vol. 1 for Pigments

    Original price was: € 29.00.Current price is: € 19.00.

    🎹 Dive into the Nostalgia of Synth Magic! 🎹

    Introducing our Retro Synth Preset Package for Pigments, a time-traveling journey to the iconic sounds of the past. Unleash the power of vintage synthesis with a collection that will transport you back to the golden era of electronic music.
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