I have more than 1 Track to mix

Good news: We have special rates for you! Please contact us via the contact form for special rates if you need mixing for a whole EP/album or compilation. Of course it is possible to get a package with mixing and mastering of your music.

Prepare your Tracks

We require WAV or AIFF Files at 44.1, 48, 88.2 or 96kHz. Make sure all the tracks have the same samplerate and bounce them from bar 1 and all be the same length.

Give the files good and short names. Any additional information, like the type of instrument, desired effects and so on is helpful and can be provided in the mix notes, a seperate list or document that you create and send it with the files.

Please send us the files dry without any Reverb or Delay Effects. If you feel a track needs this specific type of effect, send us a dry and wet version of this track and mark it properly. This type of additional tracks would not be charged.

If you‘d like to have specific Delay or Reverb Settings, write them down in the mix notes.

Let us know If you have any reference songs you’d like your mix to sound or any other desires.

How do i upload Files?

Your single Files may be delivered in a ZIP-File through a standard file hosting service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Yousendit, etc. We can also setup a folder for you to upload the files if requested.

What happens next?

We start as soon as possible with the mix. To get an estimated time of delivery, or if you need it as soon as possible, contact us before sending the files.  Usually you get a mix for revision after 3-4 days, but it can be later if we have busy times. We would keep you informed of the progress.

When the mix is finished we will deliver it to you in the same samplerate as the original files in WAV Format. Keep in mind that the delivered mix is a mix and dind’t went through a mastering process.

You will check it then on different systems and let us know if we need to do any adjustments to it. Please describe as exactly as possible to prevent more revision steps to get it okay for all involved parties.


You may cancel a project at any time. A full refund is only possible when we didn’t start to work on any of the tracks.


It would make us happy to be credited on your music release with links to our social media account or simply a short text. In this case please use the following text:

“Mixed by Bidoo Music – bidoo.ch”