Mixing involves using tools like volume controls, compressors, EQs, and reverbs to make the individual tracks of a song sound balanced and emotional.
It’s a crucial process to achieve a great sound. Vocals are brought to the point and bass and drums are set to groove with the right balance and processing. With over 15 years of experience as a studio and livesound mixing engineer and state-of-the-art tools, we’ll make sure your music sounds awesome.

Whether you’re a music veteran or a new artist, we’ll work with you step-by-step through the creative process to take your track from raw recording to a high-quality master ready for worldwide distribution.

Please contact us before ordering and tell us more about your project and vision!

2-8 Tracks/Stems

  • 1 Revision

9-23 Tracks

  • 1 Revision

24-32 Tracks

  • 1 Revision

32+ Tracks

  • Contact us for your individual rate!

Additional Revision

  • 1 Additional Revision

Drum/Vocal Editing

  • Time and pitch correction and more…

Please check the Mixing FAQ before ordering!