I have more than 1 Track to master

Good news: we have special rates for you! Please contact us via the contact form for special rates if you need a master for an EP/album or compilation.

How does the whole process work?

We’ll start the work within 48hours after a successful payment and when we received the files. That means you get your mastered Track within 48 hours. If it needs adjustment upon customers request, it might take 24 or more hours to be finished.

When we recieve the Track we listen carefully to it on different setups and analyse it technically. Then we decide how we’ll master it or reject it to the customer to  do some corrections in the final Mix.

Then we’ll master it and send you the Track. You will check it then on different systems and let us know if we need to do any changes to it. Please describe as exactly as possible to prevent many revision steps until it is okay for both parties.

Mastering is two things: technical aspects and requirements that needs to be fulfilled AND the musical judgement by the Engineer which can be sometimes a matter of taste and an individual vision of what is “sounding good”. For us it is very important to end up with a result that the artist/label is happy. If you have any target or reference track we should point to, just let us know.

How do i upload Files?

Mixes may be delivered through a standard file hosting service such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, Yousendit, etc. We can also setup a folder for you to upload the files if requested.

File Formats

WAV or AIFF Format

Use your Projects sample rate, at least 44.1kHz. We accept rates up to 96kHz for HiRes Masters.

Minimum Bit-Depth: 24Bit, a 32Bit floating point Export is recommended to allow for greater headroom and fewer conversion artifacts during processing.

Our delivery Format is WAV at the Original Samplerate, 24Bit, unless otherwise required by the customer.

Please name your file so that it makes sense for all involved parties. For Example: “Artist – Track name – Mix Version 1”


Optimal Peak Level of your mix is around -6dBFs, but slightly above or below is fine. Most important: make sure it doesnt clip!

It is very important to know if you release the music physically or digital for Streaming Services. The Master will be a different product in the end and optimized for the medium to be delievered.

We dont follow any recommandations that can be found in the net for optimal LUFS values for Streaming services. This also is very variable between music styles and to compete with other releases. We have our own experiences which we update regularly by constant analysis of released music which has been mastered by us. Just let us know if you have a specific Level Target or a reference track.

Additional Specs

Check that the Fade-Ins and -Outs are complete at the beginning and end of the track.

Check that Delay or Reverb Tails are not cutted at the end of your final Mix or properly faded out.

No Mastering processors on the Mains, like limiters, enhancers or compressors.


You may cancel a project at any time. A full refund is only possible when we didn’t already delievered any tracks.


It would make us happy to be credited on your music release with links to our social media account or simply a short text. In this case please use the following text:

“Mastering by Bidoo Music – bidoo.ch”