Mastering has the goal of strengthening the expressiveness of music and enhance the musicians original intentions. Its a marriage between musical art and sound science. The sound image should be able to achieve its own effect on all systems and in the context of other tracks. For this final processing of an audio production, I draw on more than 10 years of experience as a mixing and mastering engineer with the claim to help every mix achieve the best possible sound.

In my acoustically optimized studio, I use high-quality analog equipment complemented by high-end digital tools. Every project is different and is treated as such. The artist’s intention is in the foreground and not an automated ‘preset mastering’.
If you want to hear how your mix would improve sonically, just get in touch for a free test master! If you’re interested, I’ll also be happy to give you feedback on your mixes in advance.

We are an Apple-approved Mastering Studio and are able to create high-resolution lossless Masters. That means your music will be delivered in the highest possible quality and get the “Apple Digital Masters”-Badge in iTunes/Apple Music.

Mastering Standard

  • Recommended for experienced producers
  • Your stereo mixdown will be put through the final analog and digital mastering process
  • Up to 2 revisions to meet your exact expectations

Mastering Plus

  • Recommended for intermediate producers
  • Includes a review of your mixdown and recommendations to optimize your mix for mastering
  • Up to 3 revisions to meet your exact expectations

Stem Mastering

  • Recommended for newcomers
  • Submit your final mix splitted into the following six stems: Kick, Drums, Bass, Guitars/Synths, Effects, and Vocals
  • The mastering engineer has more possibilities to adjust your mix to get the maximum out of your production

Please check the Mastering FAQ before ordering!